Mobile app marketing is essential for the growth of your business

mobile app marketing

Did you know that almost 2.8 million applications in the Google Play Store and the app store had 2.2 million as of march 2017?

Well, you need to get attention from your users and target audiences with the help of a mobile app. A successful mobile app marketer follows the best guidelines to build a good reputation in the market. Moreover they concentrate on customer behavior & initiatives. Consider these many mobile app development companies Washington DC that are using best marketing techniques for their apps:

Here I will describe few more steps on mobile app marketing:

  • Customer Preferences
  • Stand Out
  • Best Modelling of your App
  • Marketing Models
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Optimization


  • Customer Preferences:

One of the crucial step is to give attention to your targeted audiences so you can find different kinds of ways to attract customer, and find closely the unique behavioural patterns.

For example – youngsters could easily understand latest technologies, like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, but business people and professionals would want apps with more security.

You can use one of the accessible ways to drive in some traffic and study what they need. In order to deliver the best services, customer preference is an important factor to be considered.

  • Differ from your competitor :

In this digital era, your mobile application should be unique and shall maintain features that stand out, compared to your competitors. Serving your customers with the same thing some other on the Play Store does, would be in vain.

  • Best Modelling

This is also one of the most important strategies to make your app successful. User experience is a part of it, which determines how well people connect with your idea. Your app’s model should be user-friendly and must have more than barely functional screens. Each and every screen shall make a smooth transition and present the user with a different content or function.

  • Marketing Models
    • In-app advertising
    • Paid model
    • Freemium model app
  • In app advertising :

If you can choose in-app advertising, you need to build your app free and earn money through ads only.

  • Paid model :

In case of a paid model, the user have to make a purchase to initiate the download and use the app.

  • Freemium model app :

In case of freemium models, basic features are free. If the user wants to use all features of your app, they have to pay for the full version of application.

  • Choose right way to market Consumer satisfaction :

After developing your application, you need to choose good ways to market your product, like attractive design, target location and many other factors. Then, with the help of digital platform like social media.

  • Marketing Strategy:

At this point, you need to go for some marketing techniques. Now this is a big step. Here you can offer different deals, collect and process leads and select the right mobile app platforms for marketing your application.

  • Optimize your application :

With the help of digital marketing adviser you should promote your application in App Store and Play Store using keywords, titles, descriptions etc. Only if your app is visible, it would achieve the goals it has been designed for.


Most of the Mobile app development companies California do follow the mentioned guidelines. However, what separates one from the rest of the lot is how well they assimilate and implement the guidelines. And in this case, it all boils down to experience.

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By the end of 2015, the utilization of mobile as a sales transaction tool through swiping or waving in the USA reached nearer to $9 billion.The consumers spent an average of $378 using mobile payments throughout the year.It is expected, in 2016 the average spending as mobile payments will be considerably be more than the previous year.

In 2016, there would be huge changes in the mobile payments which will grow by over 300%. If your business is the retail, mobile payments has a great opportunity to bring considerable changes in the business in the coming years . It’s not only in the retail business, mobile payments are spreading all e-commerce-centric businesses. According to estimation, it is expected that in 2016 nearly 25% of all smartphone users will use to perform their transactions through mobile payments.


Especially in the USA, the number of the mobile transactions is likely to double. Today, due to, change in technology and increase in the number of smartphone users, the mobile payments have broadly been increased in all business sectors.

Mainly the usage of mobile payments is very high in the industrial and metropolitan cities. This has become possible due to the development of mobile applications. Chicago is one of the business cities in the USA which holds the record of more transaction and billing (swiping or waving) made through mobile payments. Major mobile application development companies in Chicago are one of the major contributors to this. Now let us see top mobile payment trends in 2016:

Top mobile payment trends in 2016:

1.) Easy mobile payments

Both Apple and Android are giving extreme importance to enhance mobile payment technology in order to make mobile payments more secure and easier. Either Apple or Google will end up as the leader in mobile payments.

2.)Biometric authentication

The biometric authentication and tokenization plays a crucial role in securing the data in mobile payments. In the authentication process, there a number of innovations have been implemented for secure transactions. The mobile payment elements like password, fingerprint scanning, PIN authentication are weak with some existing security systems. In 2016, to overcome the security issues, the new methods have been introduced such as voice recognition, pulse recognition and keystroke. The new techniques are likely to make mobile authentication more robust.

3.) International mobile commerce

If your business is involved in e-commerce, look forward to get into mobile, it’s a big year. To be successful in mobile commerce, businesses should implement many innovative strategies, including allowing the consumers to pay in their local currency. The alternative payment methods are still to be followed in certain parts of international territories. To get success in the foreign markets, the payment methods have to be analysed on the respective area-wise.

4.) On time delivery

Delivery of goods has become one of the biggest concerns in this year. The delivery of products was taking one day in the year 2015. When it comes to shopping via mobile devices, the purchase through mobile has increased significantly and the cost of quick delivery has become lesser.

The Mobile delivery is not only popular in one sector, it is being spread to logistic, e-commerce and transport sectors.

5.) Easy to purchase via mobile:

Due to the advancement in the technology, in 2016 the new mobile payment system has come into existence, through which the purchasing of goods and services has become easier.The harmonious link between hardware and software can make mobile payment system facile.

Have a Plan to Develop a Mobile Payment App?

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