Mobile app marketing is essential for the growth of your business

mobile app marketing

Did you know that almost 2.8 million applications in the Google Play Store and the app store had 2.2 million as of march 2017?

Well, you need to get attention from your users and target audiences with the help of a mobile app. A successful mobile app marketer follows the best guidelines to build a good reputation in the market. Moreover they concentrate on customer behavior & initiatives. Consider these many mobile app development companies Washington DC that are using best marketing techniques for their apps:

Here I will describe few more steps on mobile app marketing:

  • Customer Preferences
  • Stand Out
  • Best Modelling of your App
  • Marketing Models
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Optimization


  • Customer Preferences:

One of the crucial step is to give attention to your targeted audiences so you can find different kinds of ways to attract customer, and find closely the unique behavioural patterns.

For example – youngsters could easily understand latest technologies, like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, but business people and professionals would want apps with more security.

You can use one of the accessible ways to drive in some traffic and study what they need. In order to deliver the best services, customer preference is an important factor to be considered.

  • Differ from your competitor :

In this digital era, your mobile application should be unique and shall maintain features that stand out, compared to your competitors. Serving your customers with the same thing some other on the Play Store does, would be in vain.

  • Best Modelling

This is also one of the most important strategies to make your app successful. User experience is a part of it, which determines how well people connect with your idea. Your app’s model should be user-friendly and must have more than barely functional screens. Each and every screen shall make a smooth transition and present the user with a different content or function.

  • Marketing Models
    • In-app advertising
    • Paid model
    • Freemium model app
  • In app advertising :

If you can choose in-app advertising, you need to build your app free and earn money through ads only.

  • Paid model :

In case of a paid model, the user have to make a purchase to initiate the download and use the app.

  • Freemium model app :

In case of freemium models, basic features are free. If the user wants to use all features of your app, they have to pay for the full version of application.

  • Choose right way to market Consumer satisfaction :

After developing your application, you need to choose good ways to market your product, like attractive design, target location and many other factors. Then, with the help of digital platform like social media.

  • Marketing Strategy:

At this point, you need to go for some marketing techniques. Now this is a big step. Here you can offer different deals, collect and process leads and select the right mobile app platforms for marketing your application.

  • Optimize your application :

With the help of digital marketing adviser you should promote your application in App Store and Play Store using keywords, titles, descriptions etc. Only if your app is visible, it would achieve the goals it has been designed for.


Most of the Mobile app development companies California do follow the mentioned guidelines. However, what separates one from the rest of the lot is how well they assimilate and implement the guidelines. And in this case, it all boils down to experience.

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How Mobile Apps are creating revenue for businesses?

Technology usage plays a vital role in day-to-day life. By using smart phones and mobile apps, customers feel easier to avail business services. By using mobile apps, many organisations are increasing brand awareness and having a long term relationship with the customers. Below is discussed how organisations can generate revenue using mobile application.

application development companies nyc

In app store, many users download mobile apps mainly for entertainment purpose. In fact, mobile apps are also helpful to reduce workload and make life easier.

  1. Geo-Targeted Push Notifications:

With push notification, app owner can easily send messages to the user group. App publishers are also able to send messages to the targeted user group using geo-targeted push notification. You might be thinking what the difference between these is. In geo-targeted messaging, the process is easier, which drives the current to consumers in region wise based on the consumer’s interest.

  1. Additional Sales Opportunities

There is no need to send a sales message to your customers again and again after your mobile app is downloaded to the customers mobile. The sales process automatically takes place and make your customer engaged at any time.

  1. Geography specific Advertising

Geographic advertising practices help in sending appropriate ads to users.

  1. Pushing through the funnel

The usage of mobile app is increasing due to the quicker processing ability. On web pages customers more often feel difficult to make purchases such as filling the account details or not having the credit card option. To overcome this, you can use transnational apps and in this, the details of users get filled automatically.

  1. Finding exact customers

Today purchasing habits and customers taste can easily be known by online businesses. They can easily track the every movement of customers what they prefer and what they reject while shopping. With customer data, online businesses improve marketing strategies for future purchases.

  1. Business throughout the world

Whenever you open your Facebook account, there is an ad displayed on your home social feed, and many of us think that Facebook know on which we’ve shown interest and looking to purchase. This technique is powered through laser targeting, where the tool gathers your browsing history, and through cookies, it displays ads for targeted audience. Mobile applications help in increasing demand for businesses and making customers engaged with the business.

Also read : What Business Plan makes an App Successful

Mobile apps have become a fruitful factor for success-desired businesses. We at FuGenX, mobile app development company California, help your business to increase the revenue with mobile app and we believe in fueling business with extensive experience and expertise in mobile space.

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Tips for Designing Attractive E-Commerce Mobile App

Before you develop a mobile application, there are a few key points that you need to understand in terms of design aesthetics.

Do you know that it has been estimated that there will be around $163 billion worth worldwide sales by the end of this year. Or it is expected that around 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile app over website for e-shopping.

Considering those stats, any eCommerce business that may be a startup or global enterprise that expects to increase sales and reach should consider developing a mobile app. In building a successful mobile application, proper business plan is also crucial.


Offering your customers a great customer experience is also very crucial to your app success. Before you develop a mobile app, there are certain aspects which each and every developer need to know and understand the interests of the users, which are listed below

Attractive and Simple User Interface (UI)

There are two main important factors to be agreed before designing the User Interface (UI) of an eCommerce mobile app.

The first thing is you have a limitation in arranging the content on the screen, as there is a big difference between the mobile device screen and desktop screen which is bigger in size. Second is you should develop a mobile app that users can feel easy to use.

You need to focus on the home screen. Having a simple and attractive layouts can help your customers focus on your latest updates. And make sure having an easy search functionality.

Avoid a Long Signup & Checkout Process

As seen in many mobile apps, users don’t like to have a long sing-up or check out methods which are time taking process in the mobile app. It may be a necessity for you because of some security reasons, but users have no patience.

Make sure to allow the users to sign up in an easy way by using social network or phone numbers, so that they can easily signup and further become your customers.

To allow users to check their purchase history, you should have an option to make them check with the purchase history. So that you can avoid repeated notifications.

Use “Add to Cart Button”

This is one of the key factors, adding “Add to Cart” button helps the users to purchase multiple products within seconds or purchase it in the future. If the purchasing process is lengthy, there may be chance that you’ll lose some sales.

Limit the Number of Images

Mobile app users expects your app load quickly. If the app loads slowly, then users skip the purchase and shop somewhere. To make mobile app fast and furious on all smartphone devices, there should be a limit for high-resolution images.

Ensure to have a Progress Bar

As told above, users don’t like to spend more time with sing-up forms. If the process of sign-p or check out continues from page to page, then there should be a progress bar and that should let users know how many pages are still left to complete the process.

Need to have Wishlist

Before purchasing any product, users like to browse and know the detailed information of each product and compare their prices. In the same way, you need to provide users an option to add products to the ‘Wishlist’ section, so they can easily compare and decide which product to buy and they can recheck it.

Securing the Data:

Users always wish to have a secure mobile app where their transactions and orders are safe.

Develop a safe and secure mobile application. Satisfy your users with the best mobile app, if you fail to please them, they will lose faith on your products.

In today’s mobile world, only a few mobile app development companies USA are following the above design guidelines, and only they are succeeding in developing best mobile apps which can become top downloaded in the app stores.

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What is Chatbot and What it does?

In 2016 Chatbot came to limelight with a typical agenda.The process took place when the changes happened from an unclear tech to breaking news. Before a chatbot, there were bots, and then Microsoft released Tay an artificial intelligence chatbot in March for interacting with users of Twitter.

And next, Facebook came forward with secure ideas regarding chatbots and implemented the conversation for an automated customer support via Messenger service. Today IT businesses of all sorts, prominently mobile app designers Chicago and California are showing interest to build Chatbots. It’s good news for next gen tech industry.

Mobile apps design companies Chicago


Chatbots are resulted from bots, which is a program that automates the conversation in the form of textual methods. Mainly the chatbot process is used in dialog systems for a customer service.

Mainly the chatbot manages with machine programming, which easily makes the conversation with humans on the written textual words and delivers a service.

Chatbot uses natural language to scan the matching keywords, required for the user queries, and then delivers the information to the user which is performed through the APIs from a database.

Today, most of the companies don’t have such resources like how Facebook is able to build best bots.  Is chatbot is a new technology?  ELIZA is a natural language program which was developed by Joseph Weizenbaum which makes the functioning of the chatbots very quick.

Companies that are building Chatbots

Many tech savvy companies are encouraging the developers to build chatbots on the leading platforms. Chatbots uses the similar way to communicate with the platforms, from where the slack users become familiar with slackbot.

Similarly, Tweeter bots have been the best for a decade and in the same way, bot tries to push the tweets of huge data.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, talked on chatbots during Facebook’s annual F8 developer’s conference.The bots built in Facebook Massager which directly works together between consumers and brands. The service of chatbot is already being served by branded companies in order to fulfill the services of the customers and keep them engaged.

How to develop a chatbot?

According to chatbot development expert opinion, the chatbots are usually built by only two methods. One is to build through rule–based approach where a developer needs to have hand written rules which is somewhat difficult. Second is on machine learning with huge flowing data and the system itself learns on its own.

There is a lesser risk with writing code, but more difficult to manage with a machine learning approach where if you don’t provide appropriate learning parameters, then it quickly passes and makes the brand value down. Same approach happened with Microsoft Tay and again it came back.

Many experts believe that bots are the integral features of human life and are the next rising technology of the mobile world. But not the end of mobile app design development.

Want to develop a next generation mobile app?

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How to Build Personalized App Experience?

People across USA are using smartphones to get done different tasks in their daily life. So mobile app design development companies in California and mobile app design firms in other major US cities and states like Chicago, Texas, Dallas and Washington are more engaged in developing the best app which can better mobile marketing.

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Mobile Marketing

Today smartphone is used everywhere and people from 16 to 70 years old are more favored with the smartphones which help them get done their works within short time. Smartphone owners pick up their phone an average of more than 60 times a day. In performing the pattern the user take it as an advantage, instead of this there are few problems which make you think for a while.

Most of the mobile apps in smartphone are not completely used. Many users keep unnecessary apps in their smartphone. If you seem your app is one among them, it is time for you to add personalize touch to your mobile app.

To know the taste of individual user requirements, you need to make are port that should collect the information of what is their behavior and interest.

To know the taste of the users, you app needs to provide sign-up and location services, which can help you to collect the data. Get user age and gender, which can help in realizing and identifying the users’ interest.

The best way to know the personal behavior of your customers is to provide them personalized marketing information and examine how the customers react to your app. This helps customers choose their favorite product. (For an example, if your customer is looking for a product with particular brand, you can send him the push notification when the product is available)

Today mobile users’ expectations are more advanced due to the tech savvy environment. To reach your customers, it is the only way providing them all necessary things what they are expecting else what irritate them such as unrelated push messages and ads.

Want to give a powerful personalized touch to your app?

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You should not believe these ASO ranking Myths

Mobile app developers strongly believe that App Store Optimization(ASO) is the only process which can make their apps rank higher in the App Store.Yes, they are right. App Sore Optimization helps to increase the traffic and sales, increase app downloads and conversions, but there are few ASO myths which you need to know and shouldn’t believe. Let’s see what those myths are:


App description is not a major factor

Many marketers state that the app description doesn’t have an impact on the App Store algorithm, for an extent it is true. But from many studies and researches, it is found that the description helps to encourage users to download the app. Before downloading the app, they read the app description.Thus download increases the rankings, through which your app achieves popularity in search results.

There should be often changes in the title

The title plays a key role in App Store Optimization that includes the core features and purpose of the app. If you change the app title again and again, it may damage your app ranking in the App Store.The title is more important part of your metadata, which triggers both ranking and users. To make your app title user friendly, follow ASO guidelines. Keep title under 25 characters, and use your primary keyword in it.

There is no value for Keywords

Keywords are quite helpful for user friendly search. So add the keywords in your title and description without stuffing. MobileDevHQ said the apps that contained keywords in their title ranked 10.3% better than apps without the keyword.


To rank your app successfully in the app store, avoid above ASO myths. With maximum efforts and by hiring a top app development company, your app can get better visibility in the App Store, downloads and make profit.

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Free Task Managements Apps Which Help in Increasing Workforce Productivity of Small Businesses

Present small business owners are using free task management apps to manage their business operations. There are many free task management apps in the market developed by mobile application development company in Chicago and other parts of the world. Here are some among them:


1)Remember the Milk

After a persistent effort, Remember the Milk was launched in the year 2005. More small business owners prefer to have this app as this can best solve their problems faced in small business operations. The app is available on Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms and also its integrated features are available for large and small scale businesses. For upgrades, you have to pay.

2) Todoist

To share unlimited tasks with anyone, small business holders more rely on Todoist as it makes their tasks faster. This app is more available on all leading mobile OS platforms along with the best features. The Todoist app is in well recognized format and is easier for Gmail users.


Wunderlist’s app provides the best features and can be easily used by even a non-technical person. The app helps in organizing, scheduling the dates, and reminds to be up to date with the meeting times. Wunderlist is a free tool to download, allowing users to save the web pages and articles through sharing extension method. The app is available on all OS platforms, so that you can easily access to modern technology.

4) Nirvana

Nirvana app design is flexible and is very helpful to small business managements. The App helps in maintaining the small business operations. The processing in Nirvana app is very fast compared to others, and the technology used is trending.

5) Errands

Errands is the best app for free task management due to its creativity and performance. This app helps in handling multiple tasks like planning entire month tasks, creating mail folders to supporting staff, and alert making tasks etc.  The checklist available in the Errands is more useful for users.

6) Producteev

This App is more helpful for a team which is handling the projects in one core. Producteev helps to manage your list and provides updates on the projects from one place to the other. This app is available on Android, iPhone and iPad platforms.

Not only in Chicago, mobile apps development companies in Washington are also well known for developing free task management apps to increase the growth rate of the business.

Want to Develop Your Own Task Management App?

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a App Development Company

Ask yourself before hiring mobile app development company

If your company has a plan to develop an application, it’s great, but think how you will develop it. If it is by hiring a mobile app development company in Chicago or in your preferred city, you need to ask some questions yourself. What are those? Let’s see:

1) Have you set your goals?

Before initiating mobile app development, you should decide for whom you are developing and for what purpose it is for. Today everyone is interested in developing a mobile app for their business. If you want to develop a random app, there will be no use. Though it is a random app, there should be at least a unique feature to stand out from the competition.

It is more important to define the functionalities had need to be included. What will be the time duration for completing the project, which you should decide first.There should be a good communication between the developers and the app owner.

2) Have you made good design strategy?

This is a very important part in the mobile app development process. An app can be best only when the design part is more attractive and easy to access. The design part of the app should be more clear and error free right from the beginning. If you know less about the design part, take ideas from the different apps which are already available in the play store. This helps to save your money.

3) What is the time duration?

Make sure that the time estimation for completing the project is accurate. Sometime it is difficult to be prompt for time as new ideas, and features take more time to be implemented. So you also need to listen to the developers. Also, try to be connected with the app development team.

4) Who will take care of the project?

If you are outsourcing app development project, it’s more important to have a technical person who can understand app development methods and technologies, including app errors and bugs. So you need to set a technical person who is keen to know whether the application is running accordingly or not, and tell him to monitor the app continuously. If he found any significant errors, tell him to discuss with the developers and clear it.

6) Who will own the app?

You should be aware of on whose name the app will be registered, which you need to be cleared before signing the contract. This is more important because you are signing over the rights to your app without aware of it.

Make sure who will be having the code used in developing the mobile app and also check the copyright assignment repeatedly further not to create problems. The content, source code and design all should belong to your name in order to save yourself from any trouble.

7) Get support from the agency for further updates

You need to find whether the agency going to support for further upgrades and changes in OS platforms. Whatever the OS is used, you need to get new update time to time

We are one among leading mobile application development companies in Washington had developed more than 500+ apps to our clients on all leading platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

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Highly Useful Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Today’s businesses are very well linked up with mobile apps that help them to provide multi-angle services to their customers. Without applications, it has been very difficult to engage customers.Even small businesses are also making use of mobile apps to increase their customer base.

Mobile application development companies in Washington

In between, mobile application development companies in Washington have gained international recognition for developing successful mobile apps for small businesses which created a great demand and popularity for their products and services. You can also build a mobile app with a Chicagoan company or local developers before. Before that, let’s see some mobile apps that are helping small businesses in increasing their business growth:

5 Helpful Apps for Small Businesses


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site and it can also be used through mobile app. It allows users to create personal or business profile and helps to maintain relationship with business networks from anywhere of the world. Service oriented small businesses can easily find new customers and more business opportunities through it.

2.Cam Card

It is difficult to manage many business cards got from the professionals in events, and meetings. Cam Card App helps to overcome the difficulty by storing the contact details of them along with photo identify, and also helps to set reminders for a respective contact if he has to be contacted.

3.Sales Tracking Calendar

Sales Tracking Calendar App helps to monitor the sales activities based on daily, weekly or monthly schedule with the help of personal CRM app. The sales activities can include the estimation of the sales performance,such as turnover in a quarter, a target achieved, sales report, and closing ratio.

4.Doc Scan

DocScan helps a lot for small businesses, by converting the hard copies of documents into PDF or JPG file formats.After closing a deal with a client,by using smart phones,the sales person can send the data of digital copy to the manager by taking quick snaps. Small business executives are more interested in using DocScan because it saves their time by allowing to scan multiple documents and business related copies. The DocScan perfectly replaces the scanner.


It’s difficult to park a vehicle before attending a business meeting. Waiting in a lane makes more difficult for small business owners. This can be overcome with the Parkmobile App, which helps to manage parking session on smart phone and also helps to get parking charge receipts.


Using mobile apps in small businesses helps to reach the targeted users easily and increase customer base. So developing a mobile app can be greatly helpful for your business growth.

Want to Develop a Successful Mobile App for Your Small Business?

If yes, FuGenX can help you in this. FuGenX is a global iPhone app development companies in Chicago, which helped many small businesses like Big Basket, and Byju’s, etc to reach greater heights. FuGenX help you in building a perfect app strategy with their experienced developers who are dedicated to developing profitable apps for small businesses. FuGenX is also a premier Android app development company in Chicago.

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How Mobile App Development Company Helps Your Business?

Nowadays, mobile app and mobile app development companies are playing a very important role in the business success. They are born as a consequence of the revolutionary mobile technology in the business environment. Due to mobile technology, there is a significant change happening in the business world.


Mobile app development companies usually build a proper strategy before developing any app. They first understand the client’s business, mainly the core services or products and their customers. They fully analyse the needs and desires of the app users. When handing over the project, all the requirements should be made clear, so the app development company can develop the better app.

We as a premier mobile app development company in Chicago help you develop a mobile app that can enhance your business performance. Before that, let’s know how we help you with mobile app development:

1. Increase your product and services visibility

The website visibility helps more in displaying your product and services, but this doesn’t help in reaching the user’s sight. If it is app, it is seen every time by users whenever it is picked.

Today, in e-commerce sector, the app trend is followed by all sorts of companies to introduce their product and services to the market to gain huge visibility along with profit.

2. Increase the customers satisfaction by fulfilling their needs

A mobile app development company can help the businesses by satisfying the customers’ needs and make them engaged, so that they won’t show interest on your competitors. This possibility can be achieved only with an efficient app. The app can make the communication process better between the business and customers.

3. Make your business accessible on-the-go

Nowadays, people use to spend most hours of the day with mobile phone, without it they feel bored or bad. So by allowing them to have your app on their mobile, you can make people think about your service or product at any time, anywhere, on-the-go.

For an instance, you run a retail shop, if you want to reach maximum customers, you can launch an app and display the entire goods and services and their cost. So, users can order it conveniently on-the-go.

4. Decrease the costs of marketing and promotion

Businesses spend huge amount of money on banners, posters and flyers. The spent can be decreased or the alternative can be found by having an app.

5. Make your brand visibility and appearance

It takes more time to create brand in a traditional way. But the skilled Android or iPhone app development companies in Chicago can help to create beautiful app that can make the professional statements in the best manner within a short duration. Further the mobile tactics like push notifications and other things help with reminders to enhance your brand value.

Also mobile app development companies help to increase the growth rate of business by reaching the potential customers effectively.

Have a Plan to Develop Mobile App?

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