Tips for Designing Attractive E-Commerce Mobile App

Before you develop a mobile application, there are a few key points that you need to understand in terms of design aesthetics.

Do you know that it has been estimated that there will be around $163 billion worth worldwide sales by the end of this year. Or it is expected that around 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile app over website for e-shopping.

Considering those stats, any eCommerce business that may be a startup or global enterprise that expects to increase sales and reach should consider developing a mobile app. In building a successful mobile application, proper business plan is also crucial.


Offering your customers a great customer experience is also very crucial to your app success. Before you develop a mobile app, there are certain aspects which each and every developer need to know and understand the interests of the users, which are listed below

Attractive and Simple User Interface (UI)

There are two main important factors to be agreed before designing the User Interface (UI) of an eCommerce mobile app.

The first thing is you have a limitation in arranging the content on the screen, as there is a big difference between the mobile device screen and desktop screen which is bigger in size. Second is you should develop a mobile app that users can feel easy to use.

You need to focus on the home screen. Having a simple and attractive layouts can help your customers focus on your latest updates. And make sure having an easy search functionality.

Avoid a Long Signup & Checkout Process

As seen in many mobile apps, users don’t like to have a long sing-up or check out methods which are time taking process in the mobile app. It may be a necessity for you because of some security reasons, but users have no patience.

Make sure to allow the users to sign up in an easy way by using social network or phone numbers, so that they can easily signup and further become your customers.

To allow users to check their purchase history, you should have an option to make them check with the purchase history. So that you can avoid repeated notifications.

Use “Add to Cart Button”

This is one of the key factors, adding “Add to Cart” button helps the users to purchase multiple products within seconds or purchase it in the future. If the purchasing process is lengthy, there may be chance that you’ll lose some sales.

Limit the Number of Images

Mobile app users expects your app load quickly. If the app loads slowly, then users skip the purchase and shop somewhere. To make mobile app fast and furious on all smartphone devices, there should be a limit for high-resolution images.

Ensure to have a Progress Bar

As told above, users don’t like to spend more time with sing-up forms. If the process of sign-p or check out continues from page to page, then there should be a progress bar and that should let users know how many pages are still left to complete the process.

Need to have Wishlist

Before purchasing any product, users like to browse and know the detailed information of each product and compare their prices. In the same way, you need to provide users an option to add products to the ‘Wishlist’ section, so they can easily compare and decide which product to buy and they can recheck it.

Securing the Data:

Users always wish to have a secure mobile app where their transactions and orders are safe.

Develop a safe and secure mobile application. Satisfy your users with the best mobile app, if you fail to please them, they will lose faith on your products.

In today’s mobile world, only a few mobile app development companies USA are following the above design guidelines, and only they are succeeding in developing best mobile apps which can become top downloaded in the app stores.

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