What is Chatbot and What it does?

In 2016 Chatbot came to limelight with a typical agenda.The process took place when the changes happened from an unclear tech to breaking news. Before a chatbot, there were bots, and then Microsoft released Tay an artificial intelligence chatbot in March for interacting with users of Twitter.

And next, Facebook came forward with secure ideas regarding chatbots and implemented the conversation for an automated customer support via Messenger service. Today IT businesses of all sorts, prominently mobile app designers Chicago and California are showing interest to build Chatbots. It’s good news for next gen tech industry.

Mobile apps design companies Chicago


Chatbots are resulted from bots, which is a program that automates the conversation in the form of textual methods. Mainly the chatbot process is used in dialog systems for a customer service.

Mainly the chatbot manages with machine programming, which easily makes the conversation with humans on the written textual words and delivers a service.

Chatbot uses natural language to scan the matching keywords, required for the user queries, and then delivers the information to the user which is performed through the APIs from a database.

Today, most of the companies don’t have such resources like how Facebook is able to build best bots.  Is chatbot is a new technology?  ELIZA is a natural language program which was developed by Joseph Weizenbaum which makes the functioning of the chatbots very quick.

Companies that are building Chatbots

Many tech savvy companies are encouraging the developers to build chatbots on the leading platforms. Chatbots uses the similar way to communicate with the platforms, from where the slack users become familiar with slackbot.

Similarly, Tweeter bots have been the best for a decade and in the same way, bot tries to push the tweets of huge data.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, talked on chatbots during Facebook’s annual F8 developer’s conference.The bots built in Facebook Massager which directly works together between consumers and brands. The service of chatbot is already being served by branded companies in order to fulfill the services of the customers and keep them engaged.

How to develop a chatbot?

According to chatbot development expert opinion, the chatbots are usually built by only two methods. One is to build through rule–based approach where a developer needs to have hand written rules which is somewhat difficult. Second is on machine learning with huge flowing data and the system itself learns on its own.

There is a lesser risk with writing code, but more difficult to manage with a machine learning approach where if you don’t provide appropriate learning parameters, then it quickly passes and makes the brand value down. Same approach happened with Microsoft Tay and again it came back.

Many experts believe that bots are the integral features of human life and are the next rising technology of the mobile world. But not the end of mobile app design development.

Want to develop a next generation mobile app?

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