You should not believe these ASO ranking Myths

Mobile app developers strongly believe that App Store Optimization(ASO) is the only process which can make their apps rank higher in the App Store.Yes, they are right. App Sore Optimization helps to increase the traffic and sales, increase app downloads and conversions, but there are few ASO myths which you need to know and shouldn’t believe. Let’s see what those myths are:


App description is not a major factor

Many marketers state that the app description doesn’t have an impact on the App Store algorithm, for an extent it is true. But from many studies and researches, it is found that the description helps to encourage users to download the app. Before downloading the app, they read the app description.Thus download increases the rankings, through which your app achieves popularity in search results.

There should be often changes in the title

The title plays a key role in App Store Optimization that includes the core features and purpose of the app. If you change the app title again and again, it may damage your app ranking in the App Store.The title is more important part of your metadata, which triggers both ranking and users. To make your app title user friendly, follow ASO guidelines. Keep title under 25 characters, and use your primary keyword in it.

There is no value for Keywords

Keywords are quite helpful for user friendly search. So add the keywords in your title and description without stuffing. MobileDevHQ said the apps that contained keywords in their title ranked 10.3% better than apps without the keyword.


To rank your app successfully in the app store, avoid above ASO myths. With maximum efforts and by hiring a top app development company, your app can get better visibility in the App Store, downloads and make profit.

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