How Mobile App Template Can Faster Mobile App Design

The creativity in mobile app design in developing a mobile app is important and the entire system is tagged with the design. When developing a mobile app for your business, you keep on thinking how the app should look like and what exactly it is used to design. You can take a reference of mobile app template that can clarify your doubts and then strengthens you to build a quality app. In iOS application, the usage of templates is less when compared to Android.

Mobile application development companies in Washington are few among many those who use mobile app templates to speed up the app development process for multiple screens.


How mobile app templates can help mobile app design and development?


For any business type, if the mobile template is an understandable and attractive in manner, it helps to speed up the app development. It is not an essential to imagine a design and working on it from the beginning. With the mobile template design, you can easily come to know how the product will look like. If you want to make a certain changes in the features or some fundamentals, then you can suggest the developer make effective changes.


If you want to develop mobile app quickly, using a template could be a wise option. A template has all the design elements built in and you just need to customize it to your specific requirement. Starting from the scratch may take months of time. You can get it developed within a few months using templates.


If you are in the dilemma that the templates are limited, then you are wrong. There are plenty of templates available online where you can download the best one which matches your business theme or requirement. Later you can easily make changes in the colour scheme of mobile app design.


The features and functionality of the mobile app need to be considered for the best design. In the ready template, the logical flow of screen to screen is well explained and presented. The ready template provides another opportunity to add a screen which you like the most by replacing with previous screen. The functionality of changing screens well happens in ready template.


The ready templates can be easily downloaded and the changes in the designing of mobile app can be made faster. There are a number of unique templates available which can be further modified by designers through adding own code, features and functionality based on business need.

The templates which are used in designing the mobile app are available with open source code, if you prefer, you can hire experienced designers to design and develop the best mobile app. You can create the unique application which differs from others by downloading ready templates.

iPhone application development companies in Washington are one among in using mobile app templates to develop quality apps within short time..

Want to Design Attractive Mobile App with Custom Templates?

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What is cross-platform app development?

Cross platform app development is the process of developing a mobile app that can be accessed on multiple OS enabled mobile devices.

The cross platform helps in maintaining one code base with multiple platforms and a code base can be easily run on different platforms, there is no need to create a separate code base for an individual operating system.


Today the development of mobile apps has rapidly spread all over the world due to the usability of cross platform development tools. This process has been continued and followed by all sizes of businesses, which has created an increased demand for mobile app development firms, particularly for mobile app development companies in USA as they are internationally recognized for cross-platform mobile app development.

Tools and Technologies Used in Cross Platform App Development:

There are different types of companies using different tools in developing cross-platform mobile apps. Based on the project budget, and working staff the specified cross-platform mobile app can be developed. The following are the cross-platform tools which are commonly used.

  • Xamarin, Appcelerator
  • PhoneGap, Corona, Kony
  • Embarcadero, Telerik , Salesforce
  • Apache Cordova with HTML5
  • Cocos2d,unity 3D

If you want to develop a mobile application for your targeted users on all major platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows, then contacting iOS app development company or Android app development company in Chicago or in your preferred city won’t be useful. You have to contact mobile application development Company that has a proven experience in cross-platform app development.

Advantages of Cross platform App Development:

  • Mobile app development cost in cross platform is lesser compared to native and hybrid app development
  • The tools which are used in cross platform mobile app development help to decrease the cost of development and increases the speed of the app used.
  • The languages used in cross platform mobile app development are easy to understand, languages include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • With more platforms you develop the app you can reach diverse customers.

Disadvantages of Cross platform App Development:

  • When there is an operating system gets updated then the mobile app developed for the cross platform need to be updated for specific platforms.
  • The storage facility of multi platforms is difficult to manage, if the cloud option is used, you need to integrate with third parties, if your development team is experienced one, then it is difficult to integrate.
  • In developing a cross mobile app, user experience plays a vital role, the screen resolutions and functions of Android and iPhone operating systems are different. So you can’t expect top user experience on both platforms.
  • Difficult to manage with API’s with each platform, and also each mobile platform has its unique style.

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Best Mobile App development companies in Washington DC

If you pay attention to the mobile world, the trend in the technology is being changed with a majority of new techniques. This may due to the change in OS used in mobiles. Conversely, the new mobile apps are introduced every year with new advancements which help business growth. Developing a quality mobile application on different platforms can challenge your competitors. So, build a mobile app with top mobile app development companies in Washington who can build secure, and engaged mobile apps. Here is the list of top mobile development companies in Washington.

Mobile App development companies in Washington

Top Mobile App Development Firms in Washington:


Savvyapp is a premier mobile app and mobile design development company, in Washington. The company has experience in developing mobile app for different industries and organizations. Savvyapp is a webby award winner PBS for iPad. This company provides an accelerated service in developing mobile app on different platforms like Android and iOS.


SimPalm is a Washington based mobile app development company and their motto is to transform app dream into a robust functioning app. They have 5 years experience in developing apps for both Android and iOS and also have built various tactical applications for different industry sectors. SimPalm provides well app development services on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. In the year 2015, simpalm was awarded as the best web design agency.

FuGenX Technologies:

FuGenX is a leading iPhone app development company in Washington which has strong experience in developing mobile applications on all platforms. Through concerted effort in mobile app development, FuGenX’s app developers develop mobile app with advanced technologies, which makes app running on any device smoothly. FuGenX has 8 years of experience in developing mobile applications which enriched them as top iOS and Android app development Company in Washington. They are experts in developing a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and windows devices.


Movel is one of the leading mobile app development companies, which is experienced and well structured in building mobile applications using web view and other cross-platforms. This company is specialized in developing backend solution which can solve the demanding needs of mobile solutions. Movel provide mobile app services for devices like Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows.


Georgetownapps company is a creative mobile app development agency which is based in Washington. This company has 8 years of experience in the field of mobile app and the company’s developers are keen to develop mobile app solution that can suit to your mobile strategy. Georgetownapp has already developed the mobile apps in different platforms which include Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.


Nextscreenmedia is a well experienced mobile app development company in Washington. These company developers continuously evaluate the latest techniques before developing mobile applications. The major mobile platforms on that Nextscreenmedia provides mobile app development service include Android and iOS.

Who we are?

We are FuGenX Technologies, one of the emerging mobile application development companies in Washington. We solve problems with strategic mobility solutions and work closely with you to understand your business needs, objectives and success. FuGenX has already developed and delivered more than 1000+ apps which allow them to redefine the user experience, both in terms of speed and flexibility.

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